Jenny Labow

Voice, Piano, and Guitar

Jenny Labow is one of Oklahoma’s most recognizable and beloved singer/songwriters. Beginning her career after attending Oklahoma State University in the early 90’s, she was the lead singer of the wildly popular Tulsa band Glass House. While playing in packed venues almost every night of the week, the band also released two independent CD’s of original music. In 1997, Jenny released “Flourish.” It was her first independent release of all original work as a solo artist. Since releasing Flourish in 1997, Jenny has released three more solo records and is currently working on her fifth solo record slated for release soon.

Jenny has spent much of her musical life studying with prestigious classical musicians. Growing up in Ontario, Canada, Jenny studied classical piano under the direction of notable Canadian pianist Esther Brosgall. Her music studies continued as she pursued a degree in Music Performance from Oklahoma State University. While in college, Jenny studied piano, voice, guitar and clarinet. Jenny was awarded an instrumental music scholarship from Oklahoma State for bass clarinet. She has also studied classical voice with Juilliard graduate and Tulsa native, Claire Jones.

You can catch Jenny performing around Tulsa regularly as a solo artist and also with Tulsa band The Jumpshots. As a young beginner specialist, Jenny’s warm and friendly approach to teaching young children is a perfect fit for parents seeking a positive and nurturing first encounter with music.

Nathan Wright